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At Prana Café, Ashwem, we believe that food is the fuel for life. Specially curated by Chef Varoon, our food menu represents the coming together of various coastal cuisines from across the world. From Goan curries to Californian seafood platters, our offerings are inspired from various other coastal regions as well like Thailand, Mexico, and the Mediterranean. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-intolerant, keto-enthusiast, or meat-lover – there’s something for everyone. 

The genius behind the culinary expertise at Prana Café, Ashwem is Chef Varoon. Chef Varoon has been with the Prana family for almost seven years. From designing the menu all those years ago to becoming the captain who heads the culinary ship at Prana, Chef Varoon perceives food through the eyes of an artist. All the dishes prepared by him represent a fine balance of nutrition, flavour, texture, and visual beauty. Every item on the menu has its own story to tell and we’d love for you to come and find out.